Friday 29 February 2008

Funny tales for the week

Firstly, forgot to mention my disappointment from the Blackpool half. After discovering that there would be London Marathon Runner's World pacers on the course, I thought it would be a great idea to find and stick with the 8m/m pacer. Let someone else sort out the times for me. Easy. After spotting a group of tall athletic specimens loitering at the start, Marco asked which one I'd be following. Looking for the mile splits on their flag poles, I said: "Don't care as long as he's got a nice bum". Yep, you got it, the ONLY female pacer was taking the 8m/m- ers. The law of Sod, eh? I thought Marco was going to end himself. The race photographer was taking a group shot of the pacers, so Marco and I stood behind them - chatting in a casual kind of way. We thought making it into Runner's World would REALLY upset Ian.

A newspaper front page that got me giggling is today's Daily Star (although I'm sure none of you will admit to seeing it) which states "When Harry met Tali". Genius.

Last but not least. Whilst watching Colleen McLaughlin Real Women, I witnessed a cracker. Colleen was searching for a gal with generous assets to model the new Ultimo (for larger woman) lingerie range. When asked if she liked being blessed with such assets a very perky, very blond gal commented: "I used to be very self unconscious of them..." Brilliant!

By the way, I didn't run today.

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ianbeattie1 said...

Brilliant post! Look forward to seeing you both in Runner's World - that would be great :)