Monday 25 February 2008

Blackpool half marathon

My official time was 1:43:46. I knew the chap with the clipboard wasn't paying attention when I passed ;-) I finished 447th (out of 1186). 60th female and 25th in my category.
Splits: 7.57, 8.07, 7.51, 7.53, 7.52, 8.09, 8.08, 7.57, 7.58, 7.59, 8.14, 8.14 and 7.51.
Miles 1,2,6, 7, 11 and 13 were into the headwind.
Marco came in 10th with a fantastic official time of 1:17:09. Average pace 5.53. Just 15 seconds behind his PB. Think he might have a few marmalade pieces before Balloch half next month.
We're taking a rest day today. Rest days are my favourite training days. Off to see Rambo tonight. I'm sure I'll be able to bank a few chick-flicks out of this.


Thomas said...

congrats for your PB in windy conditions. Just one week after a tough 31miler. You are in good shape. And so is your hubby. Did he not run the XC Championships the day before? Unbelievable!

My legs are still sore from last week...

ianbeattie1 said...

well done Debs, great performance. I'm sure there will be many other pbs this year.

Brian Mc said...

Well done to both of you! I'm tackling the MK half this weekend and hope to get sub 1:30 for the first time (fingers crossed).