Thursday 14 February 2008

Imagine putting a mountain goat in charge of the route

Today's lunchtime treat involved a Bodybalance class - which is "the yoga, t'ai chi and pilates workout that leaves you feeling long, strong, centred and calm. I know, I'm turning into a right tree-hugger. Next I'll be eating lentils and living in a caravan. Actually I love lentils and I'm looking into buying a caravan. Mmm. Basically I looking for something that isn't a cardiovascular wokhout and is good for stretching, strengthening and flexibility. This is my favourite so far, although the yoga moves are a little tricky.

* I just liked the picture of the panda hugging the tree.

Coach Lesley had asked Marco to put together the 10-mile route for tonight's run. As you might have guessed, it involved lots of hills. Actually there's a handful of nose-bleeds hills within close proximity to the Garscube Estate. Marco managed to cover most of them in his creation. Don't get me wrong, for once I'm not complaining. It's a great route. A challenge, but very interesting. Anything that doesn't Maryhill Road, no winter warm-up and no canal gets my vote.

There was the option to cut the course short to 8-mile, which unfortunately most members chose. Kiffs. But hey, at least they turned up. The turnout was pretty poor tonight, as the lightweights cowered away from covering their weekly mileage in one go.

My legs felt really light, although I think it was because they were frozen and I couldn't feel anything from the next down. Here's the scores and the elevation. 10 miles in 1:29:24. Average pace 8.55. splits: 9.56 (waiting for Shauna and on to Rannoch), 9.04 (still on Rannoch), 8.40, 8.59, 9.21 (Milngavie to Stockiemuir), 8.19 (down Drymen to Station Road), 8.56 (Up the dreaded Pendicle), 8.50 (Drumchapel Road), 8.30 (towards Anniesland), 8.37 (top gate). I took it relatively steady, as my main aim for this week it surviving this Saturday's WHW adventure.

Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone. Hope you had a lovely romantic day. Marco organised for a beautiful bouquet of TWO dozen roses to be delivered to my office. He got a pair of Skins from me and dragged off to training. Who said romance is dead?


Davie Bell said...

I,ll have to tape mistresses tonight early baw baws long day ahead tomorrow, and would you stop buying Marco ladies running gear;-)

Debs M-C said...

It's like having a real-life Barbie Doll.

Hey, you're the one who likes taking pictures of men's bare bums! I have to cover him up for his own protection.