Wednesday 27 February 2008

Just a tiny tempo

After signing up for next month's Wuthering Hike, I haven't been able to get the Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights song out of my head. I downloaded the album on to my ipod for tonight's run. In hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea to put the song on repeat, but it really put a spring in my step. I couldn't help but to screech out the lyrics of Heathcliffe and Kathy and had a overwhelming urge to stop and dance like a tree blowing in the wind - a la Kath Bush style. Think I've got it out of my system now.

OK, back to running. Opted for the same five-mile route (from Anniesland round Knightswood) I did last Wednesday. Started out easy, picked-up the pace for the second mile and ran at tempo pace for mile 3, 4 and 5. Finished in 39:24 with an average pace of 7:52. Splits were 8.42, 8.21, 7.22, 7.20 and 7.33. Thanks, Kathy. Hope you can get me through 31 miles of Bronte-land.

1 comment:

Brian Mc said...

aaagh I hadn't made the connection with Kate Bush. I'l not be able to get the song out of my head during the race now aaaghh :-)