Wednesday 11 June 2008

Steady five

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Even the rubbish stuff. Although I'm struggling as to why my Dad ran over my cat when I was nine or why I lost chunks of my hair in the back of the hairdryer a couple of years ago...but generally, I believe my theory.

So maybe the reason why my Garmin broke was because I was getting too wrapped up in miles,pace, splits...yada yada. The slower I got the most distressed I was getting, which in turn made me dread going for a run.

Tonight I went out for an steady five miles round Balloch. No Garmin - although I could have used my Forerunner 50 - and no watch. I only had my perceived effort levels as a gauge. I was aiming for 7/10.

In the words of the great JK: "I really enjoyed my run tonight". Nice weather and no pressure.

I bumped into Jim Robertson (WHW-er), who was out with his Jog Scotland group. I ran with them for about 1/2 mile and we chatted about training and race day. Jim has completed the race about 10 times, so I felt a bit of a charlatan. Before the group were bored with our tales, I said my goodbyes and headed up though Balloch Park and down through Bonhill.

I finished feeling great and a bit more in love with running again.

Ps: Forgot to mention my other bad race experience in my "Tagged" post. Prestonpans half-marathon 2007. I have never experienced wind (as in the weather kind) like it. At one point as was limited to 12m/m.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Couldn't agree more Debs. It is really good to ditch the watch every so often (even when it's not broken!!) I do love getting the stats off it and doing the fly thru route on Google earth though...

When I'm running I try and ration the amount of times I check it...but that's about as successful as rationing the amount of times I check my email!

R x

Anonymous said...

Hi Debs,nice to have had a wee chat last night girla think your as insane as me for even thinking of running WHW.[They all walked it in April this year]but wish you WELL. By the way it's 11 times going for the round dozen this year need to comolete the set. see you 21st June Jim R.

Davie said...

JR told me to contact Dario as well. He also mentioned he had met you last night. You are more than welcome to join us for an easy run any Wednesday. Jim takes his advanced group out at 5.30ish as they are happier at that time. I have my advanced group at 6.30 (although usually leave about 10 mins or so later, some thing to do with the female bladder). It would faster than Jim's group and most of the girls are capable of sub 55 minuter 10k and some a lot faster than that. It would be good as a recovery run for you especially in the next couple of weeks or so.
Also looking for someone with your experience to lead groups. It pays enough to buy you trainers or a jacket every few months and I find that I get a lot of satisfaction seeing the joggers progress as well as providing me with some slower runs than I usually do as I tend to get carried away pace wise when I'm training myself. The watch with these guys is only to time the length of sessions and not a min/mile guage.


Debs M-C said...

Hi Davie,
I'd like to come along next Wednesday, if that's OK? A wee leg loosener before I hit the sofa (and fridge!) for two days.

Brian Mc said...

Running over ulra distances is for me about the experience and process as much as my time. Good on you for getting rid of the Garmin, if only for a few days.