Tuesday 17 June 2008

Mixed bag

Tonight was my last club training session for...well, who knows?

A " mixed session" can be pretty much anything. It's a lottery. I emailed Jill in advance just to make sure it wasn't too strenuous. I'm sure they could have turned a mixed session into a 5K time trial. You know: a tempo run, with race conditions, bit of hills and a fast finish.

Being in pack F, I fall right on the border line between two groups. I took the easy option and went out with C-E, which was mostly made up of Es.

It was a lovely and, believe it or not, fun session. It was like games on the last day of school. First we did a warm-up down to the canal and then did a few miles of Indian lines. This basically means it's a easy pace in single file. The person at the back sprints to overtake and join the front and then the next person at the back does the same...and so on.

The we found a hill on the switchback and used the streetlamps as markers. We jogged down to the sixth post and sprinted back up. Jogged to the firth and back up...and so on.

I felt great the whole time. I've finally got rid of my heavy legs. My breathing's still a bit out of sorts though. But I doubt I'll be doing any hill sprints this weekend.

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