Wednesday 18 June 2008

School's out for summer

Woohoo! Last day at work today. And last run tonight.

I spent most of the day running around like a headless chicken. Not only did I have to cram in a week's worth of work, I was also doing the supermarket sweep dash round the shops picking up last minute supplies. It was mostly panic buying the "just-in-case" stuff. Given the amount of money I have spent over the last six months in preparation for this race, I'm sure it would be cheaper to climb Everest.

Later I joined Davie Hall and Jim Robertson's jog Scotland crew for a 5-mile trot round Alexandria. It was really lovely to get out and run at a an easy pace and just chat to new people.

So that's it, folks. School's out for summer. I'm going to spend the next two days on the sofa..eating.

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