Thursday 12 June 2008

Jog along the Kelvin Walkway

Tonight I was dragged along to Garscube training...kicking and screaming. I really wasn't up for it, but Sonic was looking for a speedy run with some boy competition. I really didn't want another nail in my speed coffin, so he sooooo owes me one.

I was hoping to drop a pack or two, but coach Lesley was adamant that everyone was to stay in their group and take it easy. Emphasis on the easy. And no one was to leave anyone. I was charged with keeping Stuart and Paul in line. Great. I'm sure they were delighted to be stuck at my 8.5m/m pace.

So it was an easy 5.5m jaunt along the Kelvin Walkway and through Botanics. The run wasn't as bad I thought it would be, but I've been having problems with my stomach this week. I was practically doubled in pain by the end. I even had to make Sonic drive my car home, which is never an enjoyable experience for either of us. He finds it some what embarrassing to drive a baby blue Aygo complete with Hello Kitty air freshener. And I always have to remind that it's best for move up from third gear when driving at 60mph.

On a postive note (always best to end on a postive note!): The service of Dr Garmin is remarkable. I sent my Garmin away on Monday afternoon. And a new one arrived this morning. How's that for service?

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