Friday 6 June 2008

There has been movement

Just in case you thought I had hung up my trainers for good, let me reassure that there has been some running/training going on. On Tuesday i did the club's speed session. Badly. And on Wednesday I did the 10-miles of the Balloch Horseshoe. Badly.

My foot's getting better, but it's still giving me cause for concern. Although it's not necessarily painful to run on, I can definitely feel it. Unless it clears up, these feelings are going to turn into feckin' agony somewhere along the WHW. But hey, I got two weeks to sort it out.

Last night I cycled over to Dumbarton to watch the 10K. As soon as I left the house, the heavens opened. Sonic drove by me giggling. For reasons which escape me, as he was off to mountain rescue training.

It was a great night for race, as I love running in the rain. Much better than cycling, as it wasn't a pleasant experience. I was freezing by the time I got home. I don't think I've ever cycled so fast in the life. Not only because I was in dire need of a warm shower, but because Big Brother was starting. As I fear I may be confined to the couch for most of July, I thought I better get into it. How in a country as small as Scotland, did they manage to find a blind cross-dresser?


John Kynaston said...

Good to read you are running again. Two weeks is plenty of time for your foot to sort itself out. Stay positive!!


Marco Consani said...

Oh no. Another whole summer of Big Brother. There goes all our nice romantic nights replaced with Cross dressing Scots, gay dancing scots, (errm there is a theme here) Black albino's?? and people pretending to be married to other people. Eeek how do I know so much!?!?


Tim said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Debbie but I don't think you're helping yourself by keeping on with speedwork. A bit of rest wouldn't go amiss!

Subversive Runner said...

Debs.....Just read your comment regarding your being a famous Guinness drinking gal!!! Superb!!!

Also the name of the Pirate Groupies can only be.....'The Lost Boys' (and Gals).