Thursday 19 June 2008

Medal collection

There's a posting on the WHWR forum asking how people display their medals, trophies and race memorabilia.

Here's how Sonic and I store ours: On towel rails under that stairs. Mine is the top collection. You know, the one with the most medals ;-) Try and keep up, Sonic.


Marco Consani said...

Yeah. Show the trophy cabinet then. Apart from the biggest trophy being yours they are mostly mine...:-)

Davie said...

You can add a few more to the number who think you're off your head.The girls were certainly impressed!
I just told them to stick in and they might be able to do the WHW race one day!

ianbeattie1 said...

Where will you hang your WHW goblet? :)

Amanda Martin said...

Hey babes, really proud of you for doing the West Highland Way Race, you did great.

Love always
Your fave wee Sis
Amanda (FB)
x x x x x