Saturday 14 June 2008

Last run on the WHW

This was to be the grand finale to months of training. An easy run from Drymen to Balmaha. Sonic was doing an out and back, but I think that requires a mental strength that I don't have. There's just something soul destroying about it. I opted to run to Balmaha and then to take the road round (or the cheaters' choice) through Milton of Buchanan back to Drymen.

I knew today, we'd be going through the "this time next week..." game. Starting today's run just before 10am, I was hoping that this time next week I'd be between Inversnaid and Beinglas.

My plan on the day is to run this section in 1:40, so that was my aim for today. It was a glorious day. Perfect for a slow, easy run. After checking out others runners' race plans, Sonic was aiming for 1:20. I was very sceptical when I sent him on his way.

The pace was very comfortable and, as with previous training runs, I was concentrating on keeping my effort levels fairly low.

I made the fatal mistake of running without breakfast, but it didn't really take it's toll until I started heading up Conic Hill. My legs felt empty.

Heading over the top of the hill, I spotted the familiar sight of Sonic's red t-shirt on the way back up. He got to Balmaha in 1:02. I know, he's a lost cause. To be fair, he's the only person I know who can take hills like he's running on flat.

Reaching Balmaha carpark in 1:29 I had a two minute breather before heading round the road.

Sonic and I have often wondered why the Way goes over Conic Hill instead of round. Maybe it was boggy or inaccessible in previous times? Anyway today I worked out why. It's a bloody nightmare. It goes up and up and up - forever. On the plus side, it's considerably shorter. Only about 4.5 miles, compared to 7 miles. So, 11.5 miles all in today. In a steady 2:15. And no foot problems. Yippee.

So a couple of easy runs next week and, well, bring it on.

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Thomas said...

Hi Debs, good to hear your foot is healed. :-)
See you and Sonic in Milngavie soooon!