Tuesday 3 June 2008

I will be back!

Forgive me Father, for it's been six days since my last blog. Which according to the other member of team Consani, is not a considerably long time.

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their messages/texts/emails and calls. I've been overwhelmed by support and kind words of encouragement. There's only one thing worse than injury...and that's someone else's injury, so that makes the concern even more appreciated. Secondly, and more importantly, I would like to apologise to Sonic for having to endure my drama queen-like behaviour since last Wednesday. Yes, there has been tears, tantrums. sleepless nights and numerous unnecessary sarcastic comments.

The verdict on the foot situation is that it's a Midtarsal fault - which basically means the arch has flattened. I went to see a podiatrist on Sunday, who ruled out a stress fracture. Big phew! And assured me that the pain/stress will ease with an arch support. Bigger phew! She nearly fainted when I told her about the WHWR. And found the concept so humorous and bizarre she felt the need to share it with everyone within a 20 metre radius. To which I was greeted with a sea of "and-you-wonder-why-you-need-a-podiatrist" looks.

Basically, last Thursday and Friday I couldn't walk. The worse being barefoot. Again high heels saved the day. JK- are you sure you don't want to reconsider ;-). But it's gradually getting better. If Friday was a 10 of pain, Saturday was 8, Sunday 7, Monday 6 and today 5.

I spent most of the weekend cycling. Sonic was doing a 20-mile run on Saturday, so I cycled alongside him. I was quite novel being next to him and still have the ability to breath, hold a conversation (albeit one-sided) AND be nice. Maybe he has a greater understanding of why my plot is lost when we run together.

Sunday I woke up just after 6am - even though we we're at a 40th birthday party the night before. I couldn't sleep, so decided to go for another 20-miler cycle round Helensburgh. It was very quiet, clear and sunny, so it was a glorious experience.

Needless to say my backside is so sore, it's taking the focus off my foot ;-)

I'm toying with the idea of going to training tonight, but we'll see what 7pm brings. There's no Britain's Got Talent, so I may as well.


Thomas said...

Debs, that's great news! (in particular for those who suspected a stress fracture).
Now make sure you take it easy to get this sorted. You can affort a rest now!

Really looking forward to see you both in mmppffhhh almost two weeks now (so soon...scary isn't it?)

Tim said...

Hi deb's, that's good news about the pain lessening already. I know that when I had my metatarsal stress fracture it was very hard to diagnose (physio & doctors couldn't decide) and it only really became clear that it had to be that as the pain didn't go away for 8 weeks.

Fingers crossed that your podiatrist is right!

Davie Bell said...

Good to see your nonbloggyoma has cleared up too :-)you're back girl!

Subversive Runner said...

Nice one Debs.
Offer of Big Al the sports physio still there if you need him.....can I trade him for a cake??

Anonymous said...

great news Debs!

Don't rush back now, patience etc.

I've missed your waffle for the last few days so welcome back to blogging too!

see you soon

John Kynaston said...

Great news Debs. You will be there at the start and at the finish!

BTW I was gutted Escala didn't win BGT. I thought they were superb!

Who did you want to win?


Debs M-C said...

Escala are great, but I never thought they would win. My money was on opera girl, choir boy and then dancing kid. I made Marco watch it when we came back in from the party. He passed out on the couch and I had to frantically wake him as I couldn't believe the result. I thought opera girl would win it hands down.

Anyone but the crazy girl with the dog.