Monday 30 June 2008

The legs are twitching...

...but the feet ain't playing ball.

After a week of inactivity - apart from bending my elbow to stuff my face - I woke up this morning dying to do something. Anything. Running is still out of the question as the bones in my feet don't like that idea. So, I decided to go to the gym at lunchtime. 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, 10 minutes on the stairclimbing thingy (both, which I usually find highly entertaining) and some light weights...and I'm feeling much better. I've got my pilates and yoga classes this week and might try for a wee cycle. Hopefully I'll be out on the streets by the end of the week.


allybea said...

"out on the streets"

Oh dear, I knew the credit crunch was starting hit home but there's no need to resort to drastic measures!

Davie said...

"out on the streets".......Hmmmmm!

I'd say I'm thinking about running next year, but as three other Millies are also thinking about following my stated intention of doing it, I think I'm in.

Davie said...

By the Way (pun intended) How's your other half? And why no blog of race or have you been hogging the computer?

Debs M-C said...

Well, I have got a terrible shopping addiction to finance. And there's Marco's gadgets. Plus, trying to recoup the cost of THAT race... ;-)

Davie - there are two laptops AND a PC in the Chez Consani, so no excuses. Just idol ;-)

Marco Consani said...

Ahh, it is the reason I never made it as a journalist. Apart from an awfy grasp of the english language I just never liked deadlines!!

My legs are twitching too.... with cramp... ouch!!!