Tuesday 22 January 2008

Winter warm-up 800s

News from the Skins camp: I think they actually might work. OK, maybe just help the ol' muscles. My legs felt fine after Sunday's run. It could, of course, just be psychological. But, let's face it, I need all the psychological help I can get ;-)

Here's what they say on the tin: "Enhanced circulation from engineered gradient compression assists in reducing lactic acid build-up". They also reduce the muscle vibration, draw moisture from the skin, optimise body temperature, contain antibacterial and anti-odour treatments AND have sun protection factor of 50+. Not bad for a pair of tights in a box.
After trying out the core conditioning class on Sunday (which was essentially yoga) I thought I'd try the pilates class at the gym. It's at lunchtime, it's raining and it's free. Three good reasons. Managed to drag Marco (and his new snowboarding injury) along for the support. It's quite tough and really works the core. I might try the core class on Friday lunchtime. I'm reading ChiRunning just now and it really focuses on strenghtening the core and using your inner Chi. It's all very interesting, when put into context. I don't see me wearing PJs and humming in Christie Park at dawn.
Long reps on the schedule for Garscube training tonight. Marco's having knee issues, so I was on my lonesome. My worst fears were realised when I was informed that it was 800s round the winter warm-up. This is route in Garscube Estate, dubbed the winter warm-up as it's the only good area that's floodlit for dark nights. So dull that we only venture there when needs must. After some brief moaning we were split into groups of two. Being the middle pack, I had the option of going with the fast ones or the slower ones. I opted for the challenge. My other pack members didn't. So it was just me and 13 backs.
Finished the set of six - complete with two hills and six speedbumps - in 3.27, 3.27, 3.31, 3.33, 3.31, 3.31.

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