Tuesday 29 January 2008

The recovery quads squad

After two days of struggling with stairs, it was time to bite the bullet and get my trainers on. Sorry for the lack of blogging, Jill, but my quads were shot after Saturday's WHW run. I didn't think my tales of shopping, drinking and eating were worth sharing, but I know better for next time ;-)

During my shopping trip I did manage to buy some new trainers, so that was an incentive to get back on the streets. The latest Saucony Trigon Guide. I love new springy trainers. And I love the colour, so double bonus. I also got to try out my new Garmin 50. It's been in the box since I got it last month. After my 205 got waterlogged - and subsequently goosed - on Saturday, I was forced to get my head round the new gadget. Within minutes I realised how much I was going to miss my 205 and went on line to order another one. So I've got a few days with the nifty 50. The reason I bought it was for the WHW race. It works with a footpod rather than GPS, so the battery life is much longer. And it has a heart rate monitor. It seems pretty basic, but I haven't really given it a proper go. I'm just eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 205. Although the new 405 is out in April. I just need to get one before Marco. Te he.

Anyway, about tonight's run. It was timed efforts. Last time this was on the schedule, we turned up expecting a 5k time trial. Fortunately, it's not as scary. It's simply reps for a specific time, rather than distance. This time is was 3 x 6 minutes at 10k pace (with 1.5min recovery) and then 1 x 3m. Of course I was in with the two of the faster packs, so I was probably doing 5k pace to try and keep up. Once I've worked out how to get the info off the poor-persons' Garmin, I'll post the results. Actually once Marco's showed me how to do it, I'll post the results. All I know it that the distance was 7.3 miles (including 0.6m warm up). I had a great run tonight. I really enjoyed it. Being with faster people really pushes me - just to hang in at the end.

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