Tuesday 15 January 2008

Garscube Hill-billies

Marco had to practically drag me out of the car kicking and screaming. I was cream-crackered. I tried every trick in the book to get him to change his mind. Everything. But he promised me I would thank him for it afterwards. Gawd, I hate it when he's right. I loved it. Even though it was long hill reps up the side road of the Garscube Estate.
After the warm-up, I was feeling much brighter and lighter. I thought the comedy of watching Marco attempt the drills again would certainly cheer me up. He must have been practicing today, as he'd almost grasped it. Although, when we met up with the troops Captain Stevie was still doing impressions of his morris dancing.
There was a quite a turn out tonight, so we were split into group of three: the elites, the distinctively average and the less able. Hey, it's just a bad as been categorised as fast, medium and slow. Packs B,C,D are the slower ones. I'm in E, so was grouped with F and G. H and above were out there to kill each other. I was one of slower in my group. The session was a 300m hill reps with recovery back down x 10. Struggled with the first few, but I was right on form - and closing the gap - by rep six. I was even first to the top on rep nine.

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