Wednesday 30 January 2008

Steady town ten

Got up bright and early to get to the gym before work. Nothing too strenuous, just 15 minutes on the bike, some core work and leg weights. I could definitely feel the muscles in my stomach after yesterday's pilates class. I used to think pilates was for jessies, but it's pretty tough going. Especially when I'm trying not to laugh at Marco when he forgets to breath during the moves. He looks like he going to combust.
My quads were feeling much better today. Top tip for the guys discussing DOMS, high heels are much easier to walk on that flats ;-) I wouldn't recommend you wear them for work though. Especially you, JK.
Finished work at 5.30 and headed round the west end for a 10-mile steady. Along Dumbarton Road, up Crow Road, through Garscube Estate, along Maryhill to St George's and then back into the city centre. Back to my office is 9.5 mile so had to circle the block to make it up to 10 miles. This confused and humoured the security guard who waved to me about three times.
Had a bit of a scary moment when I went over on my ankle in a pot hole at the bottom of Maryhill Road. Thankfully the pain only lasted a few minutes, but my year of races flashed in front of me. Took it easy for half a mile and then I was right as rain :-) Marco and I had a debate about the crying skater who broke his ankle on Dancing on Ice. If I broke a bone at this stage in my training I would be inconsolable and unbearable to live with.
Finished the 10-mile route in 1:24:55. Average pace was 8.36. My goal race pace for London is 8:20, so I'm quite pleased about how comfortable tonight's pace was. Even against 16mph winds. The forecast for tomorrow is 23mph winds, so 8-mile run with Garsube could be a challenge.

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John Kynaston said...

Thanks for the tip on DOMS. The picture of me weaing high heels brought a smile to my face:)

How did you find the garmin 50? Does it work on putting in your stride length and counting each time you hit the ground?