Wednesday 9 January 2008

Running on the wild side

Switched the radio this morning to hear: "Winds of up to 90mph have caused chaos all over Scotland. Thousands of homes are without power and rail, road and major road bridges have closed. Only travel if necessary". The proceeding travel report seemed to go on for about 20 Minutes. Not that I needed the report you understand. Lying in bed listening to the wheelie bins thundering down the street, was all the evidence I needed.

The journey in to work was an experience. What usually takes 30-40minutes, took nearly two hours. The weather had brought down trees and toppled lorries. As the Erskine Bridge was closed, we had to head along Great Western Road. All I could think about was how it would effect my tempo run pace for tonight ;-)

The storm had calmed by the time I got home and headed out on the Wednesday speed session. As I've got a race on Saturday, I'm laying off the longer runs. Coach Lesley advised me to do 4/5 miles - picking up pace in the middle. So I did my Balloch-Bonhill 4.5 miler with one minute intervals. Despite the wind, I managed to take four seconds off to finish in 33.53.

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