Saturday 12 January 2008

A real cracker jack.

Jack Crawford 10K: A reputable event within the Scottish road race calendar. I say this with tongue firmly in cheek. I vaguely remember running on a road for about 600m at the start. Then is was on to the trail path along the canal, that went on and on.

On a positive note, it's a well-organised, friendly event that run on a course that is as flat as flat can be.

Thank you to all my dear friends who heightened my pre-race nerves with jovial gibes of bogs, cross-country and the need to wear spikes...your comments were obviously well resourced. The trails were narrow and the ground was mucky and spongey. To add to that, the puddles had frozen over - forces runners onto the verge - and there were a few cycle barriers to maneuver. Then there was my own daftness. I forget to take my garmin off the one minute interval alerts from Wednesday's run, so spent the first 500, trying to run whilst resetting my watch. Doh!

All that aside, I got a PB. Woohoo. Finished in 47:56, which is about 45 seconds off my previous best.

The big yin did amazingly well. Got a new PB of 34: 48 - that's 40 seconds faster than the Nigel Barge last week. I'm sure he'll tell you all about it in his blog. Ha ha. I'm just full of those tongue-i- cheek comments today.


John Kynaston said...

Excellent run:) Well done.


ianbeattie1 said...

yes, very well done indeed: both on getting a well deserved pb, and in getting your report published on the blog within a nano-second of the race finishing. Even quicker than John K - now that's saying something :) Are you two having a competition to see who can do the quickest race reports?