Monday 14 January 2008

Hanging out with the track pack

From one extreme to another, I swapped the mud and stormy weather for the comfort of an indoor track. It's cheating, I know. But hey, it's supposed to be a rest day. There's a gang of Garscubians that meet on a Monday night for a track session. Usually it's at Scotstoun, a venue I'm not a big fan off. It seems to have a climatic zone of it's own. No matter when you go it's always covered in puddles with the wind rattling down the lane. Anyway the precious track pack have gone under cover and changed their session to the 200m track in Kelvinhall. And as precious as I feeling, I relented and decided to join them.
The most mind numbing part of the session was the fifteen warm-up, going round and round the parimeter of the track. I threw in the towel after about ten minutes. Running round is circles was quite nausiating. I felt like I was on the waltzers. After that we did some dynamic stretching with some drills. Strides, knees-up, kick backs and fast feet. The funniest part was watching Marco - the man with no coorination - struggling to get his head them. If I had thrown him a couple of hankies, he'd look like a Morris dancer! ;-)
The crazy-hamsters that are the Monday night track crew had 12x400m on the plan, with three sets of four. I gave it a bash, but ended up doing 4x400 and 6x200. I think I'll be back, so I can only aim to catch them up.

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