Thursday 17 January 2008

Gardner Street Treat

I had a game of tug 'n' war with myself as to whether to go to training tonight. My legs felt OK, but the rest of me was screaming for a rest day. It was pouring at lunchtime, so I convinced my Marco (this time he was kickin' and screamin') to go to the gym. Just some core work and some stretching, I promised. A bit of stretching goes a long way (sorry!), so I thought I'd give the session a bash.
It was a seven mile tempo. As I'm pack leader, I was obliged to follow the structure for the tempo. Out the top gate, down to Anniesland (easy). Pick up the pace down Crow Road, along Dumbarton Road and Up Gardner Street - a hill that strikes fear in any runner. Maintaining pace along Hyndland, down Great Western Road. Then easy from Queen Margaret Drive along Maryhill Road. Hard for the last mile from Scaethorn. I got caught up with Ali - the gal who nearly floored me last Thursday, so we kept having to stop for a couple of the troops to catch up. I dropped to the back (cunningly) to make sure everyone got back OK.

Stephen Mulrine passed me at Scaethorn and said "don't you be blogging that as a cheeky wee hill". I promised to note that Gardner Street is a big b**tard of a hill.
Finished the 7.2 route in 1:02:41. At the easy bits we were very easy. At the tempo bits we stuck to half-marathon pace. At the hills I tried to control my tourettes.

Rest day for me tomorrow. Promise. So it's over and out until Saturday.

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