Monday 24 December 2007

'Twas the night before Christmas

After a day off yesterday, I was raring to go for the scheduled mile reps. Thought I may struggle, as I was bright-as-a-button at 5am. Unlike the rest of the world, Marco and I had to work today. Mind you, by the time he got up, I'd wrapped all the presents, spent an hour ironing and tidied the whole house. Apparently he slept through the whole ordeal. Likely story ;-)
Anyway, I met up with the Consani brothers for our (alternate) Monday night mile reps at 3pm. Yep I skived off early - after spending two hours last-minute shopping.
After Marco and Paul's usual competitive jovial bletherings, we set off on a warm up. Their warm-up pace is probably equivalent to my tempo, so I let them set off on their own. Usually we're in the dark for this session, so it was quite motivational to see them in front.
Completed three one-mile reps in 6.40, 6.34 (PB) and 6.41. For some bizarre reason, my last one felt the fastest. Good news is, my slowest rep was my fastest last time.
Before we departed, the guys discussed their plans for Friday morning's run up Ben Lomond. They're both planning on wearing their running lock up your daughters ;-)

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