Wednesday 19 December 2007

Brass monkeys

Sweet lord it's bitter today. Up early to go to the gym. Bit of cycling (4k), bit of arm reps (2k), core work and leg weights. Whilst watching the weather report from the comfort of the gym, I had to chuckle when I thought of Marco out pounding the streets in sub-zero temperatures. I got my comeuppance though. When I headed out on my run at 7pm it was not only -2 degrees, it was very foggy and very dark. What was supposed to be a steady seven-miler with hard 15 minutes at the end, turned it to run as fast as you can to fight the freeze. The pavements were a tad of the slippy side and roads were packed with motorist cautiously moving through the fog. My head torch didn't work so well in the fog, so my Bonhill-Dumbarton route was a little more adventurous that usual.

Got a PB though. Even with the ice. Finished in 55.57. That's 23 seconds faster than two weeks ago. I finished the last mile hard, but not as hard as I could have. I knew I was on for a PB so I was a little more relaxed.

Before I started with Lesley's training plan, I usually averaged about 1:01 on this route. Pretty pleased that I've shaved off about five minutes. My aim is to get it under 55mins by end of January.

Not that I'm getting better, I'm off to do what I do best. Shopping, eating and drinking wine. It's the Daily Mail Christmas party in London tomorrow night, so I'm hanging up my trainers for two days. Perfect taper for Saturday's WHW training run. I'm sure there will be lots of carb loading too ;-)

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