Saturday 29 December 2007

Long run fun

Once-upon-a-not-so-long-ago a 16 miler was a very respectable distance for a LSR for me. To my new WHW race buddies, this probably isn't worth getting out of bed for. In a vain attempt to redeem myself, I should not that it's a hilly course and I did most of the distance at marathon race pace. This might not wash for those Way bloggers who are filing 30+ mile runs every weekend. I'm aiming for adequate preparation instead of over training.
It was still very dark when I started out. Felt really sprightly after my rest day yesterday. Headed along to Balloch, over the horseshoe and down through Dumbarton.
The wind really picked up through Bonhill. And to add to the discomfort there was a icy rain behind it. The was forecast for snow, so I was prepared for a challenge.
After last week's cold-hand drama, I tried to get mitts for running. I always find that if my fingers are together, they heat up better. Had troubled finding such a thing, so I was out this morning using socks for gloves. Running through the streets of the Vale on dark winter's morning with socks on your hands could be potential footage for youtube.

Finished the 16 mile route in 2:16:42, which was 1:30 faster than last month's run. Horseshoe in 1:16:48. Average pace was 8.33. My goal marathon race pace is 8.20 and that's breaking my PB by 10 minutes, so (fingers crossed) I'm on track for my target time. Last mile from the sweet shop in 6:21.

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