Tuesday 11 December 2007


Finally, after two years, I've got my head round this. Basically it's a speed session run in groups. Tonight it was just two people, so it wasn't too complicated. Or so you would have thought. Marco and I took the session, as the real coaches were having a meeting. Announcing the session, was like trying to demonstrate ceilidh moves to a bunch of English people. A sea of blank expressions. "OK, it's an 850 circuit. Choose a partner of equal ability. Start back-to-back. One person starts at recovery pace, the other runs hard. When you meet up, turn round and swap. So, one person is running at rep speed and the other is on recovery. And we'll do this for 30 minutes". There was the usual gasps and tuts. And complaints about Stevie making them do 20 minutes. Bla bla.
I teamed up with new boy David. He hasn't done any races for a while, but I think we were about the same. Although I'm sure he was slacking off towards the end, as I seemed to be covering more of the circuit. Even on the recovery. Hey ho, I didn't have my Garmin with me, so don't know what the distance was.

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Marco Consani said...

Now you know what its like when i am trying to teach YOU ceilidh!!! hee hee