Thursday 27 December 2007

Tough day in the office

While the rest of the nation are sitting with their feet up watching their DVD boxsets and demolishing a selection box or two, I've been slaving away in the midst of the cut-throat newspaper industry. To recap...I got to work at 9.15am, surfed for a while before going shopping for a couple of hours. Back in the office. Bit of surfing and blogging. Out for a seven mile tempo run. Showered and more surfing. Headed back out to the shops for another couple of the hours. I'm exhausted, so I'm taking a break to file my run ;-)

Well, I did my usual seven-miler from the office round the west end (centre-Dumbarton-crow-anniesland-Great Western-Charing Cross). Felt really good and legs felt light. The head wind was a bit challenging in parts, which could have slowed me down. It was one of the winds that follow you. Despite being a circular course it was in face the whole way.

Top of Byres road in 43.28 (which was 1:32 faster than six weeks ago). And completed the 7.5 mile route in 58.45 (about one minute faster). Considering the wind and the long run from yesterday, I'm chuffed to bits. Average speed 7.57.

Seven miles of running and five miles of shopping. Now that's what I call quality training. Now, where do I hide my shopping bags...;-)

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