Thursday 13 December 2007

Skiing backwards

Tonight's training plan was in danger of going t*ts up, with the on slot of the Editor's Christmas lunch. Basically this is an excuse for my superiors at the Daily Mail to get bladdered. Apparently I'm always invited as "part of the senior management team". I, on the other hand, think I'm one of the token burds. I was determined that I was staying the wagon and going to training tonight. Unlike last year when I was adamant I was going to the club committee meeting - Marco found me in McPhabb's at 10pm and had to be literally poured into the car. I've never batted for the "one's enough for me" team. I sway more to the "once you've got a taste for it..." team. Anyhoo today I managed to exert some control - much to disappointment of my companions. I consumed two pregnant woman's portions of wine, three glasses of water and a coffee. Admirable or what? Especially on a free bar. Managed to escape as the round of Zambucas arrived.

So it was off to training for me...we did the Bearsden (ski centre - Stockiemuir) route in reverse. Didn't arrive in time for a proper warm up, so the uphill route through Bearsden was a bit of a struggle. Picked up the pace from the ski centre, down Stockiemuir, through the park and on to Milngavie Road. I was really keeping an eye on pace, but new we were under 8m/m from the ski centre onwards. New bloke, Davie, ran with wee Ann and I. Think we were a bit slow for him, as he was far more chatty. Finished the 5.6mile route on an average pace of 8.29.

Home feeling quite self-righteous. I'm sure there will be a few sore heads in the office tomorrow morning. I'm presently celebrating my abstinence with a lovely glass of red wine ;-)

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