Friday 30 November 2007

Up with the larks...again.

Today was my third day in a row of getting up around 5am. It's getting beyond a joke. Went to the gym on Wednesday and planned on doing the same again today. Marco was on the red-eye to London yesterday, which pretty much means I was awake as soon as he was. Although he's as quiet as a bird, I just can't sleep with him moving around. For some bizarre reason I'm still holding it together. I really like early mornings. It's the late nights that kill me. I'm worth nothing after 10pm. It was Marco's plan to go out early this morning, as he missed training last night. As soon as the alarm went off he was trying to wriggle his way out it. Pah! I was awake so it was up and at it. Anyhoo, I'm starting to waffle a bit..

15 minutes of rowing (3070m), 10 minutes on the bike (3.6), some core work and leg weights. Nothing too crazy, as today's a "rest" day. Think the tank was a bit on the empty side though. My stomach was making ridiculous sounds and I could feel the acid rising. Lovely. Now I'm struggling to drink coffee, as it's burning me apart. How am I supposed to cope with this afternoon? Right, I'm off for some Rennies.

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