Tuesday 27 November 2007

Porsche hill reps

I have a love-hate relationship with this session. It's a great route, but my lord, it's tough. Let me explain ;-) There's a steep killer that goes on for about half a mile (OK, OK about 200m), then plateaus round in a circuit. At the next corner (heading back to the start) there's steep descent at recovery pace, before you turn back and blast back up for about 30 metres. Recovery back down...and it starts all over again. The "less able" clan and I managed four. Fast guys did six. And I think Ali Mo is still out there.

Don't know what my times were, as the circuits were continuous. Whole session covered about 4.5 miles. Felt really good and light on my feet. Especially on the shorter hill.

Hi Stephen. Hope the blog's going well. Sorry about the wee breather award. You're now going to the big bad fire.

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Stephen Mulrine said...

What do you mean now going to the big bad fire? ;)