Thursday 29 November 2007

Nothing unusual to report...just a hard 5.6mile run with club tonight. It was on my favourite route though - through Bearsden, up Stockiemuir, pass the ski club and along Drymen Road. The first three miles is mostly up hill, so it was easy to steady pace. Picked up the pace to 10K-1/2 and then flat out to the Arnold Clark garage. Average pace was 8.30.

At the finish, a pack interloper offered me some "constructive criticism" about stopping runners hopping on to the road to overtake. I was practically chewing off my cheek, as it went in one ear and out the other. I mean, we're all adults. If I started acting like a dictator instead of a guider, I'd be huckled off the nearest bridge. Mmm now that gives me an idea... ;-)

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