Sunday 4 November 2007

Ready, steady, Eddie

Eddie's half-marathon today. Considering my DNF (barely started actually) in Glasgow and my performance in gale force winds in Prestonpans - the only way was up.
Decided I wanted to finish in a reasonable time (average for me) rather than going for a PB.
Started out very steady, as there's a gentle incline for the first few miles. Paced the race pretty well and finished in 1.47.17. I wish I had gone faster in the middle, because I practically sprinted the last few miles. Loads left in me. Suppose it's better to finish strong. Definitely gives me more confidence for the next race.

Mr Debs put in a dazzling performance. Finished in 5th place with 1.17.

Got home in time to watch the end of the New York marathon coverage. Paula the great outsprinted her nearest rival to take first place. It was very intense viewing. I was screaming and jumping so much, I'm surprised I haven't got an ASBO.


Davie Bell said...

you may have an asbo after sat

Davie Bell said...

1.17 Marco well done impressive performance, words dark and horse spring to mind.