Thursday 8 November 2007

Park reps

I'm off out tonight, so will miss training. Went out to Kelvingrove Park with Marco at lunchtime for some reps instead. There's a wee circuit (about 600metres) that we used earlier in the year.
My lord, it was windy. leaves, litter, cars flying round about us. My legs felt a bit tired, so battling against the wind and dodgy the suits on the way through Park Circus was not pleasant.
Opted for five reps. Marco, on the other hand, opted for nine - for reasons which escape me. He set his Garmin for one minute recoveries. My session was much less structured. I ran. And then ran again when I felt like it.
2.23, 2.18, 2.17, 2.18, 2.15. Now before you laugh, there's a belter of a hill in the middle. Well, that's my excuse.
Now I'm off to a curry comedy night. My life is just oh so glamourous.

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Davie Bell said...

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