Thursday 15 November 2007

hard five

Club run tonight. Shocked to see that the schedule had a hard five run, considering a lot of folks will be running the Glasgow Uni 5-miler on Saturday. Or maybe the coaches realised that the majority of the Scottish population will be watching the football that afternoon.

Had a really good run. Legs were totally fine from yesterday. The route was 5.5miles round the west end. A few cheeky wee hills to slow you down though.

I realise and understand that there are varying degrees of ability within our club, but let me tell you about something that really annoys me :-x The faster runners who wants to join our pack because they "feel rubbish/sh*te/unwell". As if that's not patronising enough, when they out with you they start skipping along beside you. Feeling charitable if they slow down and wait for you. Bugg*r off, we're not taking any strays anymore. Rant over.

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