Tuesday 6 November 2007

First day on the job

As a newly qualified coach, I was in charge of taken out the packs A-E for 1000m reps. I was hoping to wiggle my way out of training tonight - playing the I've just raced card - but needs must. Jill had emailed me to see to the "less able" ;-) I hope she was referring to the pack beneath me, and not my troops.
It was a bit of a drama, as there was a big split in ability. Even the warm up down to Great Western Road took some maneuvering.
I managed to fit in my reps - at 4.30m - around looking after the gang.
There was even more of a drama when a random refugee decided to swipe Ailsa's jacket - which she'd tied to a fence. She found him in a bus shelter trying to stuff it up his jacket and gave him a colourful mouthfull of Glasgow hospitality. Girl Power!
By the time we'd finished with the reps and I got everyone back to Garscube it was after 8.30.

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