Monday 26 November 2007

Monday miles

I never usually have any trouble on a Monday morning. I'm generally quite annoyingly positive about starting a whole new week, but this morning I struggled. After a weekend of over-indulgence, travelling and lack of sleep, I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. My body ached and my eyes looked like swollen, sunken slits. Even copious amounts of coffee and lots of web surfing didn't help me through the day.

So the best way to counteract a weekend on the sauce is to get straight back into training. OK, it's also the best way to secure heart failure.

I was keen to do some reps. Possibly something between 200-600 metres, but somehow Marco managed to convince me to do mile reps. So after work we headed to Knightswood Park to do the mile route round the parameter. This is a route that Marco and the fast boys used to do on their special invite-only training nights. He wibbered all the way up about this being a rough session, but it was the best session to help with my race times. I don't know whether he was preparing me for the worst or simply limiting the moan factor.

Anyway, it was tough. But I really enjoyed it. Well, apart from going over on my ankle on the first leg and the pesky dog owners who let their horse-like hounds chase you down the street. At least the geese were well behaved.

Planned on three milers, with 2/3 minute recoveries. Times were 6.54, 6.43 and 6.43. Going to try for four next time, with a view to getting up to six. Aim to get reps under 6.30 by end of January.

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