Wednesday 21 November 2007

Hilly and chilly

Opted for lunchtime reps today, as I'm off to a show tonight. In true Glasgow style it's dull and p*shing of rain. I was almost tempted to use the treadmill in the gym, but remembered that it wouldn't count. I'll save my treadmill rant for a quieter moment.

Headed out to Kelvingrove with Marco, with a view to do some hillreps. It was supposed to be a steady run out, but managed to get caught up to my 10K pace. In the park, I introduced him to the cheeky wee number that Sara, Ali and I used to run. Approx 100m with a tough steep bit at the top. My description of hills are legendary. Marco chose Kenyan hills, whereas I went for the straight forward up-round the monument-and back down as fast as possible. Managed five averaging 1:47.

Then it was over to the steps at Park Circus. A set of three continuous flights, to get the fast twitch muscles into gear. I've finally found a session that I keep up with Marco. Actually, I think he was trying to humour me, but hey ho. I like being humoured. Six sets - with 0:38 being my best time.

Back to the office looking like drowned-rats.

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ianbeattie1 said...

If it's any consolation the weather was equally bad at lunchtime today in Edinburgh. Didn't stop me and Graeme Mitchell, another WHW entrant, enjoying a good 6 mile splash through the puddles. Enjoying your blog - look forward to seeing you and Marco on 22 Dec.