Sunday 23 September 2007

Throwing caution to the wind.

Well, there's the windy city...and then there's the Prestonpans half-marathon. What a stouter of a day it was. The first four miles were brilliant. I felt brilliant. The route turned and followed the coastline for nearly seven miles. The first gust nearly knocked me off my feet. The wind howled through my ipod earphones and my cap blew off about three times. It was a crazy, but frustrating experience. At one point I was running 11 minute miles. It took all the power in my body to push on. When I started losing time and realised my chances of a PB were out, I relaxed and settled into making it a good training run. If anything it was good for mental toughness - to keep going and generally just getting on with. The course turned away from the head wind at 10 miles - only to meet a few tricky inclines. My legs were a bit knackered, so I didn't have a whole lot left. I finished in a pathetic time of 1:52. I didn't even dig in for the final sprint. I didn't see the point. I did enjoy it though. It's a really friendly, well-organised race. And if it wasn't for the wind, it's a great course for PB.

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