Tuesday 25 September 2007

5K time crime

My love for the 5K time trial is right up there with the 1k reps. I loath having to work to hard. So, fair play to me, I did both sessions without much coaxing. Well, I survived the 5K. I actually enjoyed the race and felt not to bad at the end...which suggests I wasn't working too hard, doesn't it? I finished in 24:27. It was a bit hilly so I might have down better if it was flat and I put my all in to it. I've only ever done one 5K before and that was a few years ago. Don't really remember what was time was, but I think it was about the same.

Funniest moment: Coming in to the final 1K, Dougie Smith (Marco's pal) was struggling a bit. He's a new member, so I thought I be nice. I slowed down after passing him and told him to run beside me along the final stretch. No problem...then the wee sh*te dashed off in the last sprint and beat me ;-) Note to self: Boys are far too competitive. Throw stones at them.

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