Sunday 16 September 2007

Running or swimming.

Long run today. Just 10 miles on the schedule, as I've got a half marathon next week. Well, it was as wet as wet can be. Lying in bed with the rain bouncing off the window, it was a struggle to pull myself from the lovely duck feather duvet (wedding present). Opted for the Balloch Horeshoe. Jumpy tunes on my ipod and off I went. Bit of a struggle at first. Once I got a few hills in legs, I didn't feel a thing. Don't know whether it was the freshness of the weather, but I felt really energised. The hills were easy. The roads were a tad flooded though. And at some points the water was running faster downhill than I was. Met the Loch Lomond 10k runners on the way back through Bonhill. Stepped up the pace to see runners coming in at the end. Running towards Lomond Shores I had to do a detour through the carpark as the marshalls thought I was the first lady home. Eck!

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