Thursday 6 September 2007

Club run

Feeling a bit tired today, as was up late waiting for Marco to get back from Mountain Rescue call out. Legs feeling OK after last night's tempo run though.

Off to club training. Felt like I should have had a small snack before I went. Energy dip as I only had fruit for breakfast and salmon and veg for lunch. Missing my carbs.

Schedule was seven mile tempo run. Same as my Lesley plan. Coach told me to go out slow and stick to marathon pace. Pretty basic route - along Maryhill Road to St George's Cross. Along Great Western Road up to the side gate and down. OK until we got to Botanics and then slowed down. Actually I was still sticking to marathon pace (8:20) but the rest of my pack pulled away from me. They were the faster ones in the pack though. Really feeling the lack of fuel affected my run. Was craving for a banana or some energy drink. Hills were a struggle. Still felt quite revitalised and fresh after the run. Think the slow easy pace up to the top gate benefitted me in the long run.

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