Friday 28 November 2008

Breech baby :-(

At my midwife appointment on Wednesday, I discovered that the baby is breech. At nearly 33 weeks it should have turned by now. I know I've got seven weeks to go, but after a bit of researching I found that only 12% of babies are breech at 32 weeks. And only 4% remain in the position by term. As you can imagine, I was pretty gutted. I'm staying to stay positive though and blocking out the possibility of a c-section - which would be my worst nightmare. I've even chosen a Community Midwife Unit (CMU) that doesn't offer pain relief (other than gas and air and pethidine) or intervention to eliminate the possibility of a c-section. I've only got a couple of weeks to get the baby head down or I will need to change to a hospital (aka the butcher shop).

As you can imagine, I've spent the last couple of days trawling the internet looking for techniques and ideas, so I've got a whole list of things to work on. Lots of strange bum in the air postitions, hugging cushions and bouncing on gym balls (now, keep it clean). Acupuncture has a high success rate, so I've got an appointment for next week. Swimming and walking is also recommended. There are also lots of strange options that I may leave off the list, like doing handstands in the swimming pool (WTF? Can you imagine the looks?) and playing music through earphones in my pants! I would be torn about what to play. What if the baby has the same sh*t music taste as Sonic? It would stay put if it was my ipod.

Just in case, I've decided to hang up my trainers. I'll be swimming and walking from now on.

Anyway, I'm desperate, so if anyone's got any tips...?


Clare said...

can't remember if you read mama simmons' blog
she had the same thing with her daughter but she did turn! my friend's baby was breech until 35 or 36 weeks and she turned on her own. good luck!

trytriagain said...

Freestyle lap swimming did the turning for me and baby. It didn't take long either...about three-to-four sessions of about 30-45 minutes of easy laps.

Meditate on it while you swima and God bless you!

Stephen Mulrine said...

You're supposed to play music, eh? Well how about "Upside Down" by Diana Ross or "Head Over Heels In Love" by Kevin Keegan?

N.D. said...

Well you said only 4% will stay in that position, so hopefully the little one will move!! Ideas I liked best -handstands in the pool: so fun!! earphones in your pocket, hahaha. Bouncing on the balls doesn't sound too bad, and swimming and walking are both good. How did they see if it was breeched or not?? You still have plenty of time and trying some of those things should help too! Don't worry too much! Are you going for a natural birth or drugs? I want to avoid a C section majorly, and I was going for drugs and now reading things it sounds like there is more of a chance of getting tears with drugs since you keep pushing. Gah.

Debs M-C said...

What about Dancing on the Ceiling or Oops Upside Your Head? :-)

Debs M-C said...
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Ben Melby said...

I happen to be one of those 4% who were breeched at term, and both my mom and I were fine, no biggy - though people still claim that I don't know my head from my ass.

Davie said...

I,too,was a breech. Hasn't done me any harm......:-)
My son was a 36hr labour then an emergency section...... by then Mairi was screaming for the section!

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Hi Deb

have you heard of external cephalic version (ECV).
I am sure that when I had had my 3 there was at least one consultant at the QM who was willing to give it a try? Things change so fast with the NHS dos and don'ts but I thought that it should be offered to all women whose babes are breech at 37 weeks?

Tim said...

Hi Debbie, I just want to say that whilst being disappointed is understandable I think you need to be a bit more pragmatic and accept that what will be will be. Babies don't always follow the script and you have to accept that some things are just beyond your control.

If I had a pound for every ditched birth plan that I've witnessed in my time doing epidurals, I'd be a moderately rich man. ;-)

Of course you want a natural birth but a C/section isn't the end of the world (just think how much better off your pelvic floor would be for *not* having shoved a cannonball through it). ;-)

Come the day of delivery, you've gotta do what ever you think is best for the baby. All you can do is give it your best shot and be prepared to be flexible.

Meanwhile, best of luck with the exercises. Remember the odds are still in favour of it turning.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. (Hope Santa brings you that baby jogger too.)

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I you are doing well.
Jessie in Montana, USA