Sunday 2 November 2008

Sunday sunshine

After yesterday's yoga class, Sonic and I went to the food and drink show at the SECC. Lots of freebie food, so it was the perfect day out for the incredible eating machine and the pregnant burd.

I really thought the incredible eating machine was going to burst at the seems. I tried to have a little more control as feeling too full is very uncomfortable now. But after an abundance of seafood, chocolate, cookies, bread, olives and much more, we left feeling suitably stuffed. Sonic was so full that he only managed a bowl of cereal later that evening. Anyone who's aware of Sonic's daily in take will be quite shocked by that. I always maintain that he's the fattest skinny man I know. All very well, but the fat/skinny man doesn't know his way to the supermarket!

Anyway, the point of the story was that I had plenty of extra calories to burn off today. I got up quite early (shock! horror!) and was really looking forward to getting out in the sunshine. Quite deceptive looking out the window, as although the sun was shining it was still sub-zero during the night.

I just went out for a nice five-mile jog round Balloch. I had to take a few walking breaks, but generally really enjoyed it. I'm starting to get a few strange looks when I'm out running now. Actually yesterday (at the show) was the first time that a stranger acknowledge that I was pregnant. Surely that's a milestone?

When I got back I decided to cycle the 10-miles round the Balloch Horseshoe with Sonic. Jeez someone's got their mojo back. I could barely keep up. Hill cycling has never been my forte, so when we hit the inclines I dropped way back. Unlike the man who's been cross-bred with a mountain goat.

Later we watched the New York Marathon. Not as gripping as last year's race, but I was glad to see Paula win again. She's amazing. Also a fabulous performance from local runner Haley Haining who finished 12th in 2:32:12.

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Clare said...

i'm lucky to get in 1 workout a day now, let alone 2! you're doing great...when is your due date? i'm too lazy to do the math from your countdown ticker...