Thursday 6 November 2008

Another four-miler

Sonic dropped me off four miles from home (in Dumbarton) tonight, so I could run a point-to-point. I think he was slightly concerned about throwing his wife out the car on a dark winter's night, as I got a big lecture on safety on the way. I have promised to carry my phone on night runs in future, especially when some of the routes round are way have no street-lighting. Of course, I think I'm invincible. Well I did until I reached the dark wooded-area along the back road to Renton. I had forgotten how dark it can be along there. It's about half a mile of sh*tting myself whilst listening to the rustling in the trees. I promised I'd walk that section as the ground is quite uneven, but I had to move pretty briskly. Last winter it was always the fastest part of my tempo run to get back into this town. This year, I'll need to find an alternative. I ain't going that way again. Plus I can't be bothered to carry a phone. Lord knows, I've got enough extra weight to contend with. I suppose I should be more cautious, as anything could happen. It won't be long until I can't actually see where my feet are landing. And if I did go into labour...well, I've always said I want an active birth :-)

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