Friday 16 May 2008

While the cat's away...

Sonic is away on his sailing jaunt, so I've got an empty for five whole days. Well he said he'd be back on Monday. Maybe Sunday or possibly Tuesday.

Sonic, his brother (not-so-Sonic) and three of their pals are taking part in the Scottish Islands Three Peaks Challenge. Basically it's an adventure race for teams of sailors and fell runners. The race starts in Oban with a short hill run, then you sail to Salen on Mull, run over Ben More, sail to Craighouse on Jura, run the Paps, Sail to Arran, run Goat Fell, then sail to Troon. No problem, yeah? Sounds like a boy's jolly to me.

He texted me on the first night to say he was feeling queasy...and they hadn't even started sailing yet. Doesn't really bode well, does it? His regular texts attempt to assure me that he's having a great time, but it sounds like he's trying to hard. Like when your Granny gives you a dodgy jumper for Christmas. Anyway, it sounds like hell on earth to me. Sailing involves water, so it's ruled out for me. Besides I'm relishing the opportunity to have sole responsibility of the remote control.

On a plus side, there's a new blog...and it's even updated. Click here. Sounds like their having a ball, yeah?

Anyway, when the cat's away...the mouse goes shopping! Then's there's the girlie lunch, movies with my Sis, Women's 10K and girls' night out on Sunday. I'll be burning my bra by Monday ;-)

Later, troops.


Marco Consani said...

Hee hee. Aww you went shopping for me. Did you buy me a nice pressie? Thanks darling!
Enjoy your empty. Its xbox time when I get back.

M xxx

Subversive Runner said...

Debs, I was reading your article about your experience with BMF. My buddy, Martin Hooper the Paratrooper was one of the guys that established BMF in London and instructed in Richmond Park.