Thursday 15 May 2008

The calm before the storm

Since last night's intervals, my hamstrings have been playing up. Think it could have been the step reps on Monday. A feeble attempt at using Sonic's massage stick (oh er, Mrs!) confirmed that the backs of my legs were a lumpy bumpy mess. It was like rolling it across a washing board.

I was hoping my lunchtime yoga was going to help sort them out. Every week, the wee yoga man asked it anyone has any aches and pains. Every week his question is met with silence. Before I could stop myself I squealed "where would you like me to start?". I managed to retract it by brushing it off as usually runners' pains. It was, after all, not an injury.

My legs felt a bit better, so I headed up to Garscube training. I went out for a short warm-up and didn't think my legs were loosening. I was tempted to jump back in the car and disappear, but I was spotted. There was no going back.

The 5.5 mile wasn't the best, but I survived. I just treated it as an easy pre-race run. The route was pretty simple: Maryhill, Kelvin Walkway, Botanics, GWR, Anniesland, top gate and down to the bridge. Finished in 45:00. Splits were 8.29, 8.20, 8.45, 8.22, 8.40, 7.20 (average 8.27)


Subversive Runner said...

Thanks for your kind wishes re: race on Saturday, Debs, but I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to make the Marlborough Downs, my knees are creaking like rusty hinges!!

Brian Mc said...

Not make the Challenge!!? Aaar'll be very disappointed. ;-)

Debs - watch the ole hammies - get them stripped out by a physio / therapist. Mine get quite tight and then are prone to twanging during training. I incurred a tight ham related twang injury last year before the race, and it ended up with me unable to bend my right leg at all, in extreme pain and bailing out at Kinlochleven in the race.