Wednesday 14 May 2008

One minute intervals

Another glorious day in the west of Scotland. My lunchtime stroll was even more glorious after the realisation that half of the shellsuit fraternity were in Manchester. Glasgow was a quiet place today. JK - the fact that the streets and shops were quieter than normal today, is the height of my football knowledge.

Even though I have worked in the newspaper industry for the best part of ten years, I have never read a football report. Not something I'm particularly proud. We printed 10,000 Rangers posters to distribute with the with paper in Manchester. On inspection, I'm glad I stopped myself from spurting out "Does Ally McCoist STILL play for Rangers?". Doh

Well, the streets of Glasgow may have been quiet, but the streets of Balloch were packed. I went out for my interval run around 6.30. Obviously this was pre-football loitering time. Gangs of lads with bags full of cans and clinking bottles en route to their pals' house and smokers hanging outside pubs. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as the time I collided with a ned outside Ibrox! ;-)

Despite the visual entertainment, I managed my one minutes intervals on my 4.5 mile. My legs felt shocking to start, but that's probably because I wasn't taking the time to warm-up properly.
Finished in 33.36. Splits were 8.15, 7.59, 7.49, 7.43 and 7.16.

This is quite an action-packed weekend, so there's a few people I would like to send my best wishes to: Firstly to Sonic and his pals, who are sailing/running in the Scottish Three Peaks Challenge. Happy spewing, chaps! Then there's Silke who's running her first marathon in Germany. The folks from the WHW clan who are running Friday and Saturday. Brian and Dave on the Malborough Downs Challenge. And last but not least, everyone participating in the Glasgow Women's 10K on Sunday. Good luck everyone!

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Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Good luck for Sun Deb. It will be more like a warm up for you!