Wednesday 7 May 2008

Still recovering...

I've felt a little worn out over the last couple of days. A little bit sore, a little tired and a whole lot grumpy. I could have cried off going for a run tonight, but I managed to talk myself in to it. Only on the basis that I need to be more prepared to run when I'm tired and achy. Although a four-miler at recovery pace would be a drop in the ocean.

I went out on the Balloch four-mile route, aiming for a maximum of 9m/miles. Closer to 10 m/miles if need be. I felt pretty shocking. And the heat didn't help. I'm all for a bit of sunshine, but I wish I could turn it off when I got for a run. Not sure if going for run was beneficial. My quads are still tender. Maybe another rest day would have been better, but we'll see. Splits were 8.47, 8.50, 8.59 and 8.59.

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