Wednesday 21 May 2008

The unplanned 10K

I'm so over Sunday's race. I'm not going to dwell on it anymore. I'm not even bothered. I've soooooooo moved on. I've built that bridge and got over it. And just to prove it, I decided to do it again ;-)

To be fair it wasn't my intention. The only tactic I had in mind for today's training run was to reset my Garmin after a one mile warm-up. This is only because I have started going off too fast recently, as I don't want to lower my average pace. I have realised this is extremely daft, hence my decision to reset. So out with one daft idea and in with a new one. I felt quite good and the faster pace felt really comfortable, so I though it would a "good" idea to run the 10K distance to compare Sunday's performance. Tim - please don't berate me. I know it was neither big nor clever.

I headed along Paisley Road West, past Bellahouston Park. This is the Glasgow half route and few people realise that it's a steady incline the whole way. I felt I was going faster than I probably was. It evens out at the other side of the park, so I picked up the pace towards Shawlands. My aim was to keep under 7.30 m/m, but there were a few hills that slowed me down.

I finished the 6.25 mile route in 46:25. Over a minute and half faster than Sunday's "race". Surely if I can run this in a training run, I should get at least 45 something in race conditions? In hindsight I should have saved today's effort and ran Helensburgh10K tomorrow. I'll only be there to support, as I'm having two rest days before Saturday's epic adventure. Good luck to everyone running.

Spilts from the unplanned 10K. 8.01, 7.44, 7.43, 7.23, 7.21, 7.02, 6.44. Shame it doesn't count though. No official time. No PB. No medal. Just sore legs and knowing smile.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...


I really hope the whw race goes well. I don't want to read you have accidentally re-run that one!!


Rach x

Thomas said...

Debs this is not the time for a PB. Well, at least that's what I am telling myself recently. Since I am getting slower and slower. Maybe that's what is supposed to happen.
Good luck for your DOTH weekend!