Thursday 8 May 2008

Seven miles of torture

Well tonight's run was definitely an experience. And not one I'd like to repeat. I don't know whether is was the heat (have I told you I'm rubbish in heat?), the hills (Sonic was in charge of the route), fatigue or general tiredness from last weekend's run, but it was a struggle from word go. I'm really putting most of it down to the heat. Considering I was raised in desert climates, I really go to pieces in anything over 16 degrees. Marathon de Sable is definitely off the cards for me. Given this was the first hot run of the year, I think the hills were a cruel twist. By the time I dragged myself round, I finished harbouring murderous thoughts...namely for the route master ;-)

For the sake of consistency...7.29m took 1:03:03 (average 8.44). Maryhill, Rannoch, Boclair, Milngavie, Mosshead, Stockiemuir, Drymen, Canniesburn, Maxwell and home. 8.31, 8.58, 8.57, 8.33, 8.18, 9.07, 7.34

Now delete and destroy.


Marco Consani said...

....will you start making my dinner again and please I really need access to the house for some clothes. I'm sorry the route was hilly. Please forgive me. ;-)


Brian Mc said...

Aww, and I bailed out with a lame (but true) work excuse!