Tuesday 9 December 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fattest of them all?

Every morning when I get up, I go through to the spare room to check my growth status in a full-length mirror. This many seem extreme, but I swear my stomach grows overnight. So far my belly-button has stayed in tact and I don't have any stretch marks. I'm not sure whether is the crazily expensive Clarins cream that I'm using or the fact that they just haven't appeared yet. Apparently it's genetic and my Mum and Sis duly inform me "that you'll just wake up covered in them one day". In the meantime, I doing a stomach inspection every time I'm near a mirror.

With the growth, everyday tasks are becoming a bit of a chore. Who would have thought tying shoelaces would be so exhausting? I'm still enjoying my daily swim, as I feel totally weightless. It's the getting out of the pool that's quite comical. Have you every seen a performing seal flop it's fat body on the poolside? Well, your visual wouldn't be far wrong. I know I should use the steps, but that's too much like logic. Natalie - I had to bite the bullet and buy a maternity swimsuit. Oh the glamour.

I doubt I'll be able to run again, as my calves are a mess. I keep getting cramp in the middle of the night. The other night I shot up completely rigid, but couldn't quite reach my toes to pull back and ease the pain. Thankfully with all my moaning and rolling about like a beetle stuck on it's back (there's another glamorous visual for you), Sonic woke up and helped me out.

Tomorrow's my D-day appointment with the midwife to see if the midget has turned. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Tim said...

Hi Debs, fingers crossed for you. We must be due another photo of "the bump". It's been so long I'm not sure I remember what you look like. ;-)

Regarding cramp, I'll get Muriel on to it but in the meantime you might like to look at this regarding the use of magnesium.


A glass or two of tonic water in the evening might be worth trying too. Just don't go too heavy on the gin. ;-)

N.D. said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I am doing the SAME thing. And I feel the same way. This stomach is getting bigger EVERY day. I keep rubbing on the lotions and telling my belly button to stay in!!! I'm sorry about the swim suit. What is it like? I can picture the getting out of the pool and already experiencing the discomforts of small things that I took for granted before- as well as sleeping. Gah! soon enough!

Thomas said...

Good luck and fingers crossed!
I cannot give you much advise on cramps, or pregnancy, sorry...
All I can advise is: Avoid Overtraining!
And you are not that fat, cmon!

Marco Consani said...

Yeah fingers crossed. I worry for our health with that stinky stick every night.

Clare said...

this is so mean, but i'm glad i'm not the only one who had to really adjust (aka give up in my case) working out! but glad your swimming is still going well!

Subversive Runner said...

Fingers are crossed, missus.xx

Brian Mc said...

And toes crossed too!